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Rick and Morty Total Rickall is a card game based upon the popular adult swim cartoon; Rick and Morty. This Rick and Morty card game focuses on the episode of the same name: Total Rickall. It is a fast playing card game for 2-5 players that is estimated to take 30 minutes and recommended for ages 15+. Fans of the show will be familiar with the characters, but for non-fans of the show does the game offer much? We will see.


What’s it about?

The premise of this Rick and Morty card game is similar to that of the episode it shares its name. Parasites have invaded the Smith house and it is up to the players, using the Smith family, to figure out which of the characters in front of them are real and which are parasites.

This is a relatively quick playing co-operative card game that involves players using cards to kill parasites and peek at the identities of characters. Players need to remember who is what and safe to kill. The game ends when the players are confident there are no parasites left on the board and they have found all the real characters.

In a two player game players use cards based on the Smith family to complete various actions such as; kill a character, force another player to kill a character and peek at the identity of characters. This can be continued over into 3-5 player or hidden identity cards for players can be added into the mix adding the possibility of a player or players being a parasite for a more competitive game.

How does it play?

The rules in a co-operative 2 player game are fairly straightforward. First players must remove 4 real identity cards and 2 parasites and place them back in the box. The identity deck should be left with 18 parasites and 6 real identity cards. All three decks must then be shuffled and placed within easy reach of all players.

The number of identity cards is there dealt based upon the number of players. It will be 2 identity cards dealt face down for each player playing and laid out in rows of three. For example in a two player game: 4 identity cards will be Example of Characters with Hidden Identitiesdealt whilst in a 3 player game 6 identity cards will be dealt.

Character cards will then be dealt on top of these identity cards. Players will then be dealt 3 action cards each and the game is ready to be played. The game recommends the first player being the last player to kill a parasite, but as always decide whoever plays first in which ever way you want and give that player the first player token.

Each round consists of players choosing the action card they wish to play that round and keeping it face down until all players have decided. By now, you will have noticed some cards are colour coded. For example: a green card might say ‘Shoot any green character’. These cards do as they say and may only affect character cards of those colours unless they have a special rule such as: Tinkles who can be killed by any colour card.

Action Card Example
Action Card Example

When all players have decided on their action the players reveal their action cards and take the actions starting with the first player and going around the table clockwise. If, a character is killed their identity is revealed. The aim is to kill the parasites and keep the real characters alive. If, a real character is killed keep this character to one side with

the real card showing as you are allowed to accidentally kill 3 real characters unless you come across a character called Mr Poopybutthole. Mr Poopybutthole has a special rule where if he is real and you kill him then it is automatically game over.

To win the game players will need to agree that all characters left on the board at time of declaration are real. The identity cards will then be revealed. If, the players were right then they win the game. If, they were wrong then game over.

Characters with special rules example
Examples of Characters with Special Rules

Experience of playing

Let me start by saying that both me and Chris are fans of the show. We both like the episode this game is inspired by and Chris finds this a fun game to play. I’m not as enthusiastic about the game. I feel it is ‘okay’. It is nothing special and although the game play fits very well with the episode I feel like it the theme could be switched out and it wouldn’t make a difference. For example; instead of Rick and Morty, have the Avengers trying to figure out who is a Skrull. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel did copy this game for a Captain Marvel spin-off card game.

I’ve played the game a couple of times now as a 2 player game and once with 3 players, but it just has not clicked for me. It’s not a bad game, but it isn’t one that I feel like I want to play again and again. It’s fun for a play now and then, but I can see this being a game we rarely play unless we have Rick and Morty fans round. We have won every single game we have played of this game. Even when we have had bad starts. For example; when playing with our friend on his first turn he shot a real character, then on his second he shot another real character and then so did Chris. This left us with just one real character to find and one life. However, we still won.

I have yet to play with the secret identity competitive mode, but I can see this being a lot more fun and interesting to me. So I will update this review when we get chance to try it as my thoughts may have changed.

End Game where we won showing more action and character cards
We won. Also shows more character and action cards.


  • It’s short (30 minutes play time on the box. We average 25-30 mins 2 player)
  • Artwork is good and inspired by the show
  • Has two different game modes for those that want co-op or a competitive experience
  • Good for non-card game players that are fans of the show to ease them into card games
  • Easy to learn


  • Competitive game can only be played with 3+ players
  • Uninspired theme
  • 15+ age rating based only on the show’s content not the card game
  • Co-operative mode is very easy


Rick and Morty: Total Rickall isn’t a bad game and it can be fun to play. However, it is not one as a 2 player co-operative game experience I can see us rushing to play and play again. There are better 2 player co-operative game experiences out there. My views may change when playing a competitive 3+ player game, but as a 2 player game I would recommend other games unless you and your second player are big Rick and Morty fans or the game is on sale. If, the option is there to play it I would recommend try it, but don’t expect anything special. If you’re interested in finding out more or trying it out for yourself then you can find it on Amazon here.

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